Blackjack Ballroom Introduce British Pub-Style Fruit Machine Slots

Blackjack Ballroom has introduced a new slots game which captures the essence of an authentic British pub and their trademark fruit machine slots.

This game was previously unavailable to players of the downloadable Blackjack Ballroom, but now all players can try their hand on this simple 3-reel, single payline, classic slots game.

The game is called Pub Fruity. It’s chock-full of rich features, colorful graphics and swanky bonus rewards. You can still enjoy the traditional characteristics of land-based machine in the virtual online version (such as cash, stops and nudges).

Players earn rewards by spinning combinations from a CasinoRoom $100 bonus range of nine different symbols containing various values. The unique feature of the Pub Fruity slot machine is the Virtual Darts Competition. A player chooses an avatar as their ‘dart thrower’ who can then win them bonus money during gameplay.

Other niceties of the game include the player’s movement along the lapper board. If the reels show a number next to a symbol then the player moves along the lapper board according to the number. Therefore, when the reel stops and the results show one symbol with the number two attached and another with the number three, then the player will move five spaces hitting any relevant bonuses along the trail.

You can play Pub Fruity at Blackjack Ballroom in a variety of languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. You can also play in a variety of currencies from around the world.

Blackjack – Doubling Down for Profit

Online Blackjack at Casino-on-Net 888 Blackjack is a game of small edges. Being able to apply correct strategy and take advantage of situations that are in your favor enable you to maximize your chances of success and make a profit at the table. Smart players understand when these situations arise and take advantage of them whenever possible.

One of the most favorable situations in Blackjack is when you have the opportunity to “double down”. Doubling down allows you to double your bet after you’ve received your two cards. Once you’ve decided to double down, you then receive only one card more card to complete your hand. Many online casinos allow you to double down on any River Belle Casino two cards, however some may only allow you to double card on certain totals (such as ten or eleven).

Being able to double down on any two cards is a favorable rule for the player as it reduces the house edge, so try to look for tables that allow this feature. Another favorable rule is when you are allowed to double down after splitting as this reduces the house edge even further.

The basic strategy of Blackjack dictates when you should be doubling down, but it’s important that you understand why you are doing it. Basic strategy is based on the pure mathematics of the game, so your reasoning to double down occurs when you have the best opportunity of beating the dealer. Usually this situation occurs when you have a strong holding and the dealer has a weak holding.

So for example, double down opportunities often arise when the dealer is holding a 5 or 6. This is because these are bad cards for the dealer and they are highly likely to bust. This is advantageous to the player. If we then look at the player’s cards and they total something strong like ten or eleven, then the player is in a very good position to take advantage. Not only is the dealer likely to bust, but the player is likely to draw a big hand. If we draw another ten then we will be holding a 20 or 21 against the dealer’s 5 or 6 and therefore have a very strong chance of winning the hand. Even if we miss our ten, the dealer still has a good chance of busting.

So if you know that you are in a position of strength and a good chance to win the hand, then doesn’t it make sense to maximize your bet? As stated earlier, in gambling you need to be aware of favorable situations and take advantage of any small edges that may arise in your favor. Doubling down is certainly one of them.

New players are often hesitant to double down. They either don’t understand the rules or they are nervous of losing a double bet. The reality is that if you don’t ever double down then you are simply leaving money on the table. You won’t win every double down bet, but over the long term doubling down is extremely profitable and a “must have” weapon in every Blackjack player’s arsenal.

Double down opportunities are rare so take advantage of them whenever you can (according to basic strategy). Don’t be afraid of losing a double bet, instead take advantage of the favorable situation and double your profits!