Casino Craps Strategy

Gambling is great fun because it’s easy to learn, anyone can do it and if you are lucky enough you can make a nice profit. Casino games are typically games of chance meaning that anyone can strike it rich if you are lucky enough.

However many gamblers are able to give themselves an increased chance of winning by using betting strategies to decrease the house odds, and in turn increase their own chance of success. If you love to rail on the Craps table, but haven’t had much success, then the following guide will help you to make smarter bets and increase your odds of winning.

There is nothing you can do to influence the roll of the dice on the Casino Tropez Craps table. Your only options are with the choice of bets that you make. There are a range of betting options available, all with different chances, so it only make sense to find the betting options with the bets odds.

In Craps the recommended betting options with the best odds for the player are the “Pass/Don’t Pass” and the “Come/Don’t Come” bets. Each of these bets only gives a 1.4% edge to the casino over the player which isn’t too bad compared to many other casino games and bet options. A simple, yet effective Craps strategy is to stick to these betting options.

Conversely you should avoid the bets which offer the worst odds for the player. These bets include “The Field”, “Big6/Big8”, “Horn”, “Craps2/Craps12” and “Any 7” bets which range from between a 5.6% edge through to a whopping 16.7% edge to the house. Really these bets are not advisable as you are giving the casino an enormous edge over you, which is likely to result in losing your bankroll more quickly.

You can reduce the house advantage even further by taking advantage of “Odds Bets” when you bet on the recommended bet options mentioned above. These Odds Bets are sometimes nicknamed ‘invisible’ bets because it’s hard to find on the table layout and you won’t hear any of the Craps staff soliciting Odds Bets the way the Blackjack dealer solicits insurance bets. The reason is that insurance bets in Blackjack favor the casino, whereas the Odds Bets in Craps actually favor the player. In fact it almost eliminates any house edge completely!

Place Odds Bets on Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come bets after the point has been established. Placing a 2x odds bet, you reduce the house edge to approximately 0.6%. If you can find 3x or greater odds bets, you can reduce the edge even further.

So in summary, limit your bets to Pass/Don’t Pass bets, and always place the highest Odds Bets available. Place Come/Don’t Come bets with the highest available Odds Bets only when you are ahead. Using this strategy with a 3x Odds Bet, you are very close to reducing the house edge completely, giving yourself a near even money chance of winning.

Gambling strategies must be combined with disciplined money management in order to give yourself the best chance of winning at any casino game. The above strategy won’t guarantee you will win every time at the Craps table but you will improve your chances and extend your game play which is way more fun than losing right?