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That's her character, she has to act a certain way to become like that, that's the writers fault not hers. Girls having sex while naked. China McLain actually can sing and Act, unlike this cheese. Karan brar naked. But on set with Lilly she has everything planned out and ready to go. In real life he is nothing like his character on jessie he is nice and funny and the cute kind of awkward he is really good at what he does and he enjoys doing it!

Kissing Taylor and Jack showed he only loved Connor. But somehow that was better than her perform well on Dog with a Blog. I love all people even though I don't know them I will keep Dove in my prayers people need to learn respect Dove Cameron didn't do anything to you people She sings in such a fake voice.

She is ugly and can not sing to save her life. Bella really needs to stick with acting and only acting, The haters gonna hate. Brar said this was a Read more. The whole Dog with a blog is getting boring. Britney spears naked images. She is bossy, rude, and just one of those people who are repulsive. I didn't even have time to laugh at it because it's so stupid. Plus, she said herself that acting was just a hobby, her real talent lies in her singing.

Olivia is a great singer and actress! He actually has the most tolerable character on Jessie a show that I hate. He is good at basketball. Her work ethic is amazing and she's just as genuine on camera as she is off-screen.

Can you guess what it'll be.? They aren't so good at acting, but they are known By looks. Ok so for all you retards who are calling this girl pretty she is but she not even a girl anymore she is practically a woman. Originally posted by jamandstuff. She is of African-American descent. I'm not so superficial as to base my argument on her looks, as that doesn't have much to do with anything.

It's a bit too pitchy. Naked pics of arianny celeste. Totally gonna be a Hollywood celeb some day. He was better on Diary of A Wimpy Kid kinda. She is the absolute worst! Also calling people losers because they hate someone you like, doesn't make them stupid.

Demi was horrible on sonny with a chance. She sings in such a fake voice.

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Brar said this was a Read more.

Brar said this was a. So the real Genevieve bastard is now on here telling us what we can and can't say. Lesbian pleasure sex. I don't even like Dove that much, only the character she played. Debby Ryan is a great actress! Disney only chose him by his looks, not his acts. Karan brar naked. I haven't watched Rab Lats so She is a selfish 17 year old who is really skinny.

My class plays a ton of basketball, does that make them tomboys? Her voice literally sounds like it was a cat screeching way too high for its own capability mixed in with fake sounding auto tune.

Also, she is very pretty, to those who need to realize there own self-worth and stop such meaningless defamation. Miley Cyrus should be higher than her. Ross has no talent whatsoever, the only reason why he is on here is because 9 year old brats are drooling over him.

Oh wait that's right she's not very famous. A list like this only feeds hate, so shame on the ones who made it. Giant white tits. I don't like some of these people to but that doesn't mean their bad there just not my favourite why can't you just leave it at that. Kissing Taylor and Jack showed he only loved Connor. Ok so for all you retards who are calling this girl pretty she is but she not even a girl anymore she is practically a woman.

I think that Calum Worthy or Calum Worthless as most of my friends call him because he is the worst actor, comedian, or whatever you want to call him. I honestly don't care about most of the Disney Channel actors and actresses.

Oh so if we hate G Hannelius we are stupid and ugly. I say Reggie old boy, any more bubbly?? He seems so nice and genuine Stop hating on everyone. Actually he's not my parents' childhoods. Brar's antics paired with Singh's commentary proved to be absolutely hilarious and the video racked up over 6 million views and counting. Ugh and you had to do this?

Finally got to catch up with these guys and chill! Half the singers out there sing songs other people wrote for them.

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